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This Time Continuum

This Time Continuum

by William Buehler


This Time continuum was created about half a million linear years ago to accomplish a specific mission in creating a new form of Human and DNA. The dynamics for this "experimental" Oritronic Universe came out of the Vault (Great Nebula) of Orion including the 24 Breastplates (systems) of Metatron (highest archangel). One of these systems is called the "Techad" or as used by the Knights Templar and later Masons the "Reshel'' or "Chief Corner Stone of El"; this system is the primary one facilitating the conduct of the continuum objective and also in the return to normal, Metatronic universe reality. Thus it is encoded in scriptures ... the Judeo-Christian for our purposes here ... and in temple and earth grids as well as being used in light group process.

It includes Time Gates for purposes of coordination across Time with agencies under the MICHAEL MANDATE: "MANDATE OF THE VIOLET FLAME: (MICHAEL MANDATE: Root of the ABACUS MANDATE. a simplified summary.) "Established by the AMETHYST THRONE (high level of Archangelic Hierarchy) under the authority of the Archangel Michael to proclaim and govern the development of Light Redemption within the Oritronic Universe. "It's main tenet for Earth is the unification of the Nephilim and Solarian Light races, through the redemption of the Nephilim "Fallen Factor".

Since all human races on Earth contain the genetics of both these supra-tribal consciousness', this principle of solvency must occur beginning at the DNA level of each individual on the planet. "The Nature Races (Devas, animals) are also involved in the synergy of Light Forms toward development of full Light Metatronic receipt. All beings on Earth share in this program of Light Redemption."

This is more than a new age, it is the completion of the work of all the ages: to create a new future that has always been created: our return into the Rana Time Wave of Metatronic quality. This is now ongoing and there is no time for karma yoga; Ascension is through release and acceptance of divine grace. As of the '60s in linear time not enough souls had come up to transitional frequency match, most are too low so would not make it in this phase. My main message is that we have no other more demanding task now as souls and as a cosmic race then to facilitate this Ascension. I find that the clearest message for this is in the Judeo-Christian mysteries, that may be applied in all systems of Sat-Chit-Ananda.