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Sep 15, 2011 - Sep 18, 2011, 12:00

Location: Crestone, Colorado

Contact: Edie Cooper,



A Reshel Workshop: September 15-18, 2011
Crestone, Colorado

The acceleration in process here on earth is a tiny microcosm of an evolution occurring throughout the Universe. Not only are the new earth and the new race coming on-line here, but also new stars are being born, new soul groups are emerging from the hearts of the stars, other soul groups are being reabsorbed in to Source, and new aspects of the entire Adam Kadmon Template are being created.

Back here on earth, we are able to participate consciously and directly in this evolution utilizing the Reshel Systems, which until this timing have only been known and utilized by the highest level initiates in the world’s secret mystical traditions.

William Buehler re-discovered and re-introduced the sacred Reshel and its application for our times forty years ago. His extensive expertise includes among other aspects of the Reshel, the ability to access the celestial systems whose energy transmissions translate in this reality as grids and sacred geometries. These grid systems form the structural mechanisms, often referred to as temples, which allow and support our planet’s ascension to the new earth and the evolution of the new race.

Co-facilitator Andy Nolan has been refining his ability to access the celestial and earth grids/temples for several years, and has been overseeing  the Reshel synergy light groups in the United Kingdom and Belgium. With the gift of clairaudience and the guidance of the Inner Planes Masters, he has developed a special focus, which is to facilitate our ability to embody the ascension frequencies and to apply those states of consciousness in everyday life.

The September workshop format will reflect an agenda, which allows us to both ground the latest upgrades to the world temple ascension systems and to further integrate the ascension frequencies/states of consciousness as individuals and as a synergic group.




Please join us in this extraordinary experiment!

DATES:  Workshop will be four full days, September 15-18, 2011… Thursday through Sunday.

WHERE: Crestone, Colorado. The workshop will be held at The Enchanted Forest Bed and
WORKSHOP FEE: $100. Payment can be made via paypal or by check. Both are tax deductible donations. Please make checks out to Sanctuary of Machenim Groves, and mail them to William Buehler, Box 339, Crestone,CO 81131. The paypal address is:
Note: A payment schedule can be arranged; if this would be helpful, please ask.

WORKSHOP PREREQUISITE: PLEASE DO REMEMBER that attendance at this workshop requires prior knowledge of our cosmology, group dynamics, and the Reshel system.  If you have any questions about your eligibility to participate, please contact Bill Buehler:  or Andy Nolan:

REGISTRATION: Please send an email confirming your plan to attend to Edie:

TRANSPORTATION: Nearest airports are Denver, CO; Colorado Springs, CO; or Albuquerque, NM. Auto rentals are available at each of these airports. Alamosa is the nearest airport, a one-hour drive from Crestone. Bus service from Alamosa airport has a stop 20 minutes from Crestone.

WHERE TO STAY: Here are some suggestions

Enchanted Forest 719-256-5768 THIS B&B IS THE WORKSHOP LOCATION

Rainbow B&B  719-256-4110  

Sangre de Cristo Inn  719-256-4975  (downtown Crestone)

Coll House  B&B 719-256-4475

Casa del Sol  719-256-5788  (downtown Crestone)

Baca Lodge  719-256-5798

Silver Star 719- 256-4686  

Accommodations of Choice 719- 256-4243