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william buehler reshel William Buehler is a retired U.S. Naval Commander who has an in-depth spiritual overview & expertise on the "Reshel" grids of the planet, considered by many to be the current partriarch of the Reshel technology, mechanics and function. He's accumulated his knowledge over thirty years of intense study & application while interpreting and participating in Light Synergy groups. 

Bill was a Commander in the Navy in Hawaii in 1972 when he started having paranormal experiences relating to lessons being provided by innerplanes agencies. He and his wife, Joan, became partners in starting a Center for mystic studies and practice, where the once secret spiritual science used by the Knights Templar was reintroduced. He retired from the Navy in 1976 to attend American University at Washington DC, for Master level study in religion. He was ordained in the liberal and independent Catholic Church of Antioch in 1983 and is presently a Minister specializing in sacred geometry applied in temple and earth grid design as well as in Light-Group dynamics. Bill's church is currently "Sanctuary of Machenim Groves" which is chartered in affiliation with the central church organization: "Ascension-Alliance for Spiritual Renewal."  Contributions are deductible.


Bill and Joan moved to Crestone in 1995, from the Les Cheneaux Islands (The "Channels") in Northern Michigan, when a worldwide Metatronic Ascension Grid was established in which Crestone is the 7th chakra (of 12). For the past several years he has been deeply involved in a program in which a new "Living Ark" state of being and energetic matrix is being installed in humans as part of the Ascension.

Bill's soul work throughout the ages has been and is to access the higher geometries of the current moment in Creation, and translate those schematics into architectural, artistic and landscape (grid) formats with which conscious individuals can align and actively participate in co-creating new states of consciousness and new worlds.

A man of integrity and humility, Bill possesses profound knowledge on many of the topics closest to the modern mystic's heart. Bill makes rare appearances - opportunities you do not want to miss.


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The Reshel is a sacred metaphysical science, practiced by those in the highest inner circles of the Templars and other mystery schools throughout the millennia. Its main feature when applied to human beings is to place spiritually conscious people in specific and intentional geometric configurations, which reflect the sacred geometries of Creation.

This "As Above So Below" alignment allows the energies of the group to coalesce in to a transpersonal merkaba of consciousness, giving the Inner Planes Masters who are running the light geometries of evolution direct interface with our consciousness.

The Inner Planes Masters then are able to safely coordinate and calibrate the introduction of new light codes through us in to our planet and in to our collective and individual consciousness. Right now utilizing the Reshel and interacting with it brings in the specific light codes, which are co-creating the New Earth Star and the new Human Race. The Reshel system is intensely feminine in its overall function and is the Metatronic female template for the new Race, complementing the male "Adam" Kadmon template.