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ARKHives Main

Welcome to the Shamiir-Orion ARKhives, the Internet's widest and deepest information resource for human and planetary ascension. The documents, graphics and media files here represent for the most part the work of William S. Buehler since 1976. His tireless devotion to understanding, mapping and sharing how human experience is at the leading edge for an even grander, universal evolutionary leap has quietly inspired thousands of souls. We feel the ARKhives may be the most important area of We hope you benefit from what you find here!


As a composite word-vibration, "ARK" refers to a recent and vital upgrade to the human energy system, while "hives" refer to the crucial role the Bees - both the Earth varieties as well as the Solarians - play in modeling the hexagonal structure found within each human neuronal cell as well as the ice canopy in the upper atsmosphere of the planet.

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