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Alton Barnes Horse

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Supports the AVEBURY Resh pole, as the main power and grid focus, for safety.

     The Alton Barnes white horse looks out over Pewsey Vale towards the new Pewsey horse, and can be seen for many miles. Perhaps the best views, though, are from Alton Barnes itself, and from the road from Alton Barnes to Lockeridge. The horse can be reached by footpaths from the Lockeridge road. This horse has been lit by candlelight on several occasions in recent years. Curiously, in the nearby village of Alton Priors, there is a sarsen stone by the roadside which has a miniature replica of the Alton Barnes white horse carved on it.

(WSB) This has precise geometry lining up on the Tor with a Parhelia system. The Ark combines with the L-system very neatly. There is hidden geometry: the straight foreleg’s length is an Ark measurement locating the unknown inner cube or “Debir(ah)” Holy of Holies in the Ark, as an example. This measurement is important in confirming the alignment and sizing of the Ark. The Horse as a Metatronic Time Gate, with the installed L’s tying into the Ark, is also very important.

     The Horse (in Hebrew the “camel,” third letter drawn as an L) symbolism is found in Chess (the board game) as the Knight’s move: an L movement. There is a “beacon” or road maker in inter-time lines formed as a Knight chess piece. The Montauk Project people found it, so it’s relatively low in frequency but can open into something higher if used correctly, which they did not. Ostensibly the White Horses in England marked time gate areas.

     In the Alikar Grid the SW corner is Glastonbury. It has two primary systems: (1) the Mary Caine ZODIAC, its zodiacal temple; and (2) a large KYOPTOS RING or Heliotropic sun-tracking spinner which also uses the Parhelion dynamic. (The same found so dramatically at Rosslyn.) This ring contains the whole Zodiacal system; it’s formed by the Anubis or the “Girt dog” in the Caine zodiac. The Anubis walks CW around the Tor and “strobes” on those points where it wishes to establish a pole … basically 12 of them but this is flexible. The “Kyoptos” is an ancient science. (see KYOPTOS)

     The male 6-L organizes the 12-point Zodiac into a 6-fold expansion as the ROSE MYSTICA of 72 poles or “petals.” This would also create the same in the Kyoptos Ring or Sun Wheel. This harmonic would pick up the apex of the Alikar triangle, via the SE right brain link: that is the 13-ring, 6-spiral wheel of all the CENTRAL SUNS where Mazuriel is the Central Sun of all Central Suns (Sacred Heart: Manifest). (Alcyone in the Pleiades is our Central Sun.) The formation is the Heart and Core of the HELIO-MAR solar creation continuum related to the human SOLARIANS working with the Templars.

     Recently the 10-ring, 10 L-gate spiral system augmented the former 6-L spiral. At this time I think that the 3 spheres are the 3 Time continua and the 10 rings represent the 10 Sephiroth in the Kabalist Tree of Life. This appears to be a preamble to the formation of a new link using the Alton Barnes White Horse (Time Gate Matrix) activated by the 888 Crop Formation on the 8th, coinciding with the opening of the 2008 Olympics. The new system links directly with the Tor and links into the Alikar Grid in the “Chamber of the Son/Daughter.” The use of the new 10 L-Gate spiral upgrade to Glastonbury is still a theory. 





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