The Mem-Star Merkabah

Memunite Crystals, and Universal Membranes


Before reading this article I suggest you read Memunite Crystals.

The memunite crystalline particles are the smallest and most "instant" elements of the universe. By "instant" I mean that they were created the very instant the universe came into being through what the scientists call the "Big Bang." They are the pure streaming of the Christos. The word "Christos" is not used in the context to denote a religious belief, but as a sacred streaming from the HEART of SOURCE which we all contain in our being to some extent, and the Master I'shoa (Jesus) incarnated more fully than any other human being on Earth up to this time.

In the mid 1990's my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa (THR) began referring to the "universal membranes." He did not give me information in detail, nor at the time did I seek it from my akashic insights. Up to that point I had never heard of universal membranes or "M Theory." I had heard about "String Theory" but never really read anything definitive on it. THR had told me years before that there were many universes. It is not my intention with this article to delve into the M Theory but I will place some reference links at the end for those who wish to pursue it further. In brief, from Wikipedia:

"In theoretical physics, M-theory is a new limit of string theory in which 11 dimensions of spacetime may be identified. Because the dimensionality exceeds the dimensionality of five superstring theories in 10 dimensions, it was originally believed that the 11-dimensional theory is more fundamental and unifies all string theories (and supersedes them). However, in a more modern understanding, it is another, sixth possible description of physics of the full theory that is still called "string theory." Though a full description of the theory is not yet known, the low-entropy dynamics are known to be supergravity interacting with 2- and 5-dimensional membranes."

According to THR and my akashic insights there are an infinite number of dimensions, but the "11" fits the pattern of one level of "nesting" mem-star merkabahs (MSM). MSM are conglomerates of memunite crystalline particles which are drawn together through a type of gravity as yet undiscovered which I will call here "wave-form gravity" as it oscillates like a current across the skin of the universal membranes, causing those membrane skins themselves to move in wave-like patterns.

Each particle of the memunite is charged with a specific code that "calls" it to nest with other memunite particles containing the same code. This code information is transferred through the wave-form gravity field running along the skin of the universal membranes. The memunites therefore form in conglomerates on the skin of the membranes. These conglomerates create mem-stars like marvelous snowflakes. the mem-stars in turn "nest" with other mem-stars through the oscillations of the wave-form gravity field.

Now here is the true beauty of it...

When a certain "magic number" sequence of mem-stars (each carry DNA-like string patterns, ie numeric bandings) come together in a nest they "light up" like a Christmas Tree and send a burst of radiant LOVE-LIGHT throughout the entire skin of the membrane! So these little mem-stars are bursting forth from their nestings this sacred LIGHT here, there and everywhere.

EVERYTHING is composed of membranes with the mem-stars lighting up in burst patterns upon it. WE are composed of this starry stuff! Our auras emanate from these bursts of mem-light. We do not see them in bursts because the time between the "burstings" is too minute for our senses, but auras do pulse from the micro-bursts of the mem-stars.

The MSMs respond also to our thoughts and feelings...the energy information we send to them...of which we are a part. We ARE the MSMs and they are US. When we have negative thoughts and feelings we slow the "burstings" of light in our mem-star merkabahs. When we attune to the MSMs through being in touch with out CORE - that is, becoming more heart-coherent - then we allow the MEM's full range of their pulse-potential along the membranes of our composition. Remember there is no separation from "our" membranes and those of the most distant star! So what signals we send out through membranes within us, OF us are received throughout the universe!

The next time you "meditate" FEEL that connectiveness and visualize the mem-star merkabahs firing off their light on the surface of the membranes composing your energy bodies. This will help keep the pathways clear to allow full potential of the MSMs to fill your Being.

There is a vocalization you can use also to help clear the pathways of the MSM connection: AUUM-AHHH-UUU.

Wikipedia on M Theory