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Chartres Cathedral

Tags: Chartres, Reshel, grids, Vau pole, chief head stone, X cross

We are coninuing with these same dynamics as a highly coordinated long term Ascension program, run by innerplanes agencies. This is the thing that makes accurate communications across Time so important. In the Reshel system the Time Gate/Pillar is a golden ratio rhombus which is usually found as an "L" grid. Chartres' is the St Piat Chapel where the temple axis goes through the "Resh: Chief Head Stone" pole. This is the real Head Stone for Chartres (Rosslyn Chapel has the same, as an example worth studying.) When we used Chartres in process we put people in the L, Labyrinth, and Towers positions. (The "Une Chare" pulpit is part of the Labyrinth, its control-position or cockpit as it were.)
I use the "Reshel" Metatronic science (Chief Head Stone of God), used by the Templars and Masons involved in building the Marian Cathedrals, as forms of Earth Grids and part of this Ascension program. Chartres is in one of the Virgo grids in France... the northern one keys into Rennes le Chateau. Chartres is in the middle and main one. ThothHorRa Knandr/Maia ("Thoth" or "THR") has Chartres as the main "switch" for all grids in Europe, also the Triune "Resh" pole for Europe including Montserrat basilica and Lourdes. He his his own missions to Europe go there first to be able to interface with Europe (right forebrain) in the apropriate higher levels. He has us start with the NE door (feminine) at the Melchizedek point.
Chartres is one of the few NE oriented temples. Monserrat and Stonehenge are two others. They thus form an "X" cross that processes (2-wqy) spiritual software programs that then install and execute in the "+" cross: an 2-point system. The "Software" then distributes to the many N-S-E-W or "+" cross units. All the east-pointing Marians are those. Chartres is organized and boosted by the VIRGO grid it forms. So the other "+" Marians in Virgo are a form of stellar interface... a Celestial Earth Grid... serving all the others. The male insemination partner is Mont St. Michel which the Tempars have as Denebola in Leo. Denebola is where we would see the Golden Star MAZURIEL in our real, Metatronic universe; Mazuriel didn't "fall" but can still be used.
Chartres is a Metatronic temple and uses the "TEMPLA MAR" format, as does Rosslyn. This provides the best Metatronic/Christos resonance if that is the intent. We can see that its built into the temple by the symbols used.  This is the organization we've installed in the Holy of Holies in the "Shekinah-Solomae Temple of Light" (S-STOL). In the S-STOL Santa Fe is the city that defines the area's limits, the base of a 5-point star. "Hummingbird Ranch" is in that area, mentioned Tuesday, we used their aquafir.  This is the S-STOL temple grid in the World Soul Right Brain that complments the European Forebrain and the Chartres core. We used Chartres to do this in our first workshop in 2008 at Charlottesville.
Chartres has a NE orientation (046 deg 54' 30" originally oriented on the male seeding star El Nath in the female, Goddess Taurus. Now on the Orion Belt.  Horns are corrected. ISIS correspondent.  Orion (Osiris) is the "Guardian" of the Gate"... actually the Vault (Great Nebula) of Orion.  This is the system that collects the Celestial inputs and processes them, loads them in Sirius A, B (C) and then downloads to systems in Earth (World Soul: Planet/Human) that can do that. Sirius is the "Eastern Star" of the Advent. (Matt 2:2, 9-10... The Zarathustrian Magi could do that in the same way we do it today. Chartres as focus or "Queen" continues to be a part of the system in Europe's forebrain but there's a large system called the "Urmaga: Star of the Magi" that is the large Earth grid, augmented by several others. Now in this past month this has again been hugely increased and has now apparently constructed its OWN ley linking the two forebrains.
We are still working with this to learn more about it. So far we see solid links with these dynamics, via the "Gate of the Sun" :  refer to the Blue Fire Command and Anba'Noor (down page) commentaries. I have the grids plotted in Google Earth if you want to investigate the Earth Grid matrix of a number of grids.  This is the main grid governing the others, the main Goddess or Shekinah "Sheeba (7)" system. Chartres is a form of "on-switch" for the Grids.
CHARTRES GRAPHICS with a few notes:
1.  Half of the Reshel grid codes the front and "L-shifts" to the horizontal. Keith Chitchlow found a small area of "mismeasurement" or gap at the hinge axis, couldn't account for it. Its a "Selah Gap" as the foundational state of being. Arthur was the 16th in a series of Grail Kings, they form the Zayin pole in the penta-star apex. These Reshel poles form stations on the main axis. The entrance to the labyrinth is the apex of the Great Pyramid so is a high frequency Time gate as well as other important functions. The NE labyrinth entrance is the Kronos Pole and the low frequency Time gate.
The Vau pole center of the labyrinth is the apex of an equilateral triangle, in a 6-function (Key of David) and generates a star Tetrahedron or "tetratryon" when in a Metatronic mode:
2.  There are 4 Reshel grids making an 8-point system. I've only shown two Reshels (4 poles) for convenience. The L-Gate Chapel of St Piat processes the downloading streaming from the Celestial sphere (Taurus the Goddess, et al, now the Eastern Star, Urmaga programs.) while the Labyrinth and Towers have their own Reshel system.
3.  The 8-point pattern uses the TEMPLA MAR format. This is a classic example. (See #2. SE and NW poles.
4.  (3.87) MB   Earth used to have two moons, a male and female. The female moon was Time imploded in the 2nd Mars War but we use the two in light work, nonlinear Time. These "lunations" use the 2-Moon state to create a standing wave and principal foundational tone across the flat plane of the 114 "prongs" (includes the missing one in the entrance).  The Standing Wave of Silence is the typical outer Selah Ring around wheels but this generates the primal fundamental tone. 54 cycles.
5.  The red dots are positions where I station group members. "Une Chaire" is the control station.
6.  There shouldn't be a single object in the main core beam but look at the great mountain of stuff they've put there!